TSUKIHOSHI's children's shoe technology is composed of 4 special features
designed for children's growing feet and to provide maximum comfort.

Balanced Landing
Children's feet may tend to over-pronate (land on the arch side) when walking. As a result, children need more stability in their shoes. Our solid half sock board and a solid heel counter help to provide this stability in the heel area. Balanced Landing
Arch Support
Like many parts of a child’s foot, the arch of a child's foot is not yet fully formed. Our ''Molded Cup Insole'' is designed for children's arches while helping to neutralize foot odor. Arch Support
Light & Flexible
Children's feet can not bend and kick forward well because they are not yet fully devel oped. Our latest innovation, a "Flex-Joint Outsole" helps to allow children's feet to bend along the line from the joint of the big toe to that of the little toe. Light & Flexible
Barefoot-like Comfort
Excessive inward tilting towards the arches when walking and running is very common among children. Our ''Comfortable Shoe Last'' provides space in the toe area to help keep the child's toe in an unrestricted position, allowing them to splay on contact with the ground. Barefoot-like Comfort
Machine Washable
TSUKIHOSHI children's shoes can be washed by washing machine.

Care Instructions
* machine wash cold, air dry - do not use drying machine
* do not wash shoes with other articles of clothing
* do not use bleach
* use regular detergent for most favorable results
* refrain from drying shoes in direct sunlight, to avoid fading
Antibacterial Insole
Cup-Insole coated with Green-Tea Polyphenol deodorizes the smell in shoes.
Easy On-Off
Children can put TSUKIHOSHI on easy and take TSUKIHOSHI off easy with the help of the wide and curved "Velcro Fastener".