Some opinions from our customers
01 No foot odor! Very sturdy, but light.
02 Excellent friction, should not be too hot for summer use.
03 My baby likes it so much. She often takes off her shoes but this shoes she doesn't want to take off, she'll wear it almost all day.
04 They are so comfortable and light. My child wore it a whole day and did not have any sore toes.
05 Light & flexible - easy to wear in the park and at school. This shoes is so breathable.
06 Favorite shoes after just one day. Couldn't believe how light they are.
07 Whenever I come home after wearing those shoes and take it offI find my feet don't sweat.
08 I purchased 5 pairs of your shoes for my 6-year-old boy at Brookes in Sherman Oaks. I have been "on the hunt" for athletic shoes for him for couple of months now. His feet are extremely sensitive, due to vaccination-caused Mercury poisoning. These shoes could have been custom-ordered by me: very light weight, roomy, well designed for comfort, nice colors, Velcro closure, easy to put on, and washable. Perfect! Thank you so much!
09 I just purchased a pair of your sneakers for my son at Lester's in New York City. These are the greatest sneakers and my son is crazy about them!
10 My daughter is in love with these shoes, she only wants to wear them. So now we have to buy 3rd pair of them so we can at least wash the other ones.
11 So much cuter and stylish than other brands and different -- not every little girl around town will have them on.
12 They do not want to wear any other shoes!
13 I think we'll be getting at least one pair each season until she grows out of their size range!
14 She wears them all the time, still look like we just bought them.
15 Holds its shape and color after being put in the wash.
16 My son says he can run faster in them.
17 They hold-up great. She has narrow feet so we weren’t sure they would fit well, but they work great - not too wide.
18 Great support for kids feet.
19 Practical, Love the wide velcro band.
20 The tongue is attached to the top of the shoe along one side, so it can't slip down. Also, there is one velcro strap, which makes it much easier for little hands to open and close.
21 Very easy velcro closure
22 Soft, Velcro closure is easier.
23 I love the Velcro strap.
24 Very solid quality material.